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Psycho Clan and ETR Ventures present Nightmare Dollhouse, a theatrical immersive horror experience inspired by the weirdest and scariest roadside oddities, returning to its original home in the lower east side of Manhattan at Teatro SEA @ The Clemente (107 Suffolk Street between Rivington and Delancey). The limited engagement runs October 13 – 31, 2023. Mondays – Sundays (dark 10/16). The experience takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. Ages 16 or older, 12-15 admitted with a chaperone.

Enter a terrifying roadside attraction in the middle of nowhere called The Dollhouse, where history’s scariest dolls reside. At first it may seem like a serious museum, but beware, the demonic and bloodcurdling lurk around every corner. The dolls have come to life and want to make you one of them! Can you escape with your soul intact, or will you succumb to the evil in the Nightmare Dollhouse.

“Many years ago when we did Face Your Fear and we polled our audience about what their greatest fears were, dolls and clowns were near the top of every list,” says writer/director Timothy Haskell. “The fear of dolls is part of pediophobia – the fear of inanimate objects that appear human. This is where the uncanny valley lives. This is why people are terrified of
Robert Zemeckis films.”

The team includes Psycho Clan members Timothy Haskell (writer and director) and Paul Smithyman (production designer); Additionally, there’s sound design by Zoe Stanton-Savitz, lighting design by Yang Yu, costume design by Brynne Oster-Bainnson and video by Charnelle Crick.

Psycho Clan is the artistic team behind the world renowned “Nightmare Haunted House” that has been running on the Lower East Side and elsewhere for 21 seasons. Additionally, they created and produced the recent immersive horror theater experiences The Dark House, I Can’t See and This is Real. They have also been asked to build Haunted experiences for Central Park in Bethesda Tunnel, Luna Park in Coney Island, and they even built a haunted house to introduce a new flavor of Pop Tart at the Kellogg’s store in Union Square.

Psycho Clan has also produced the extreme Easter egg hunt “Full Bunny Contact” and the twisted Christmas spectacular “SANTASTICAL.” Most recently they produced a complete departure in the critical hit The Rise and Fall of Jean Claude Van Damme. The original Psycho Clan members, Timothy Haskell (the creator of Nightmare Haunted House), Paul Smithyman (Production Designer) and Faye Armon (Broadway Props Designer), have been joined by Charles Dunham and Nathaniel Nowak to expand productions of the Psycho Clan company to include various immersive theatrical spectacles.

ETR Ventures (Escape The Room) team includes Victor Blake (Founder), Andre Providence (Producer) and Sam Field (Producer). Along with designers, theme park engineers, creatives, and puzzle designers, they create interactive, immersive games rooted in hyper-realistic scenarios. With dozens of escape rooms in multiple cities across the country including NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, San Antonio, Philadelphia, DC and more, they are continually growing. Escape the Room sets the bar for experiential entertainment.

Hours & Prices

GA – You pick an hour and you go through with a group no larger than 6 people at some point during the hour you have chosen.

VIP -You pick a day and you go through with a group no larger than 6 people whenever you show up during that night and go to the front of the line.  These are very limited.  We only sell 15 VIPs a night.

Teatro SEA at The Clemente
107 Suffolk St
New York, NY 10002

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