Halloween Too


In addition to the Halloween party and discounted tickets to the Haunt, the main reason we are doing Halloween Too is for the families in the community who did not get to celebrate a proper Halloween.  We have joined with nearly 40 merchants to give candy away to Trick ‘r Treaters between 4-7 pm on Saturday, November 10th.  When you see a sign inside a window that says “Participant Location” you know that’s a spot that you can Trick ‘r Treat. The merchants span from Clinton to Orchard Street between Houston and Broome in the Lower East Side, and up and down 1st Avenue and Avenue A to 14th Street.  We would also like to thank Economy Candy on Rivington for donating 100 lbs of candy!  The following is a list of participating merchants thus far.  check back often because the list keeps growing:

Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House 107 Suffolk St
Organic Avenue 116 Suffolk St
Alias Restaurant 76 Clinton St (only between 6-7 pm)
Stop 1 Deli 122 Suffolk St
Georgia’s Eastside BBQ 192 Orchard St
Cake Shop 152 Ludlow Street
Schiller’s 131 Rivington St
Soy 102 Suffolk Street
Misrahi Realty 88 Rivington St
Goodfellas 144 Orchard St
Sauce 78-84 Rivington St
The Meatball Shop 84 Stanton
Rosario’s Pizza 173 orchard St
Om Yogi Handcrafts  90 orchard St
D’espresso 100 Stanton St
September Wines and Spirits on 100 Stanton St
Arena Salon 189 orchard
Sugar Sweet Sunshine 126 Rivington St
Grit ‘n Glory 186 Orchard
The Hoodie Shop 181 Orchard
Shut Skate & Supply Depot 158 Orchard
Teds Formal Wear 155 Orchard
S&A leathers inc 153 Orchard
Volang 147 Orchard
Mastiha Shop 145 Orchard st
The Orchard Taylor Services 145-c Orchard St
Shi Eurasia 143a Orchard St
ID America 145 Orchard St
Melt Ice Cream Sandwiches 132 Orchard St
Top Hops Beer Shop 94 Orchard St
Pop Karma 95 Orchard St
Tasche Artisan Chocolate 254 Broome St
88 orchard  88 Orchard St
An choi  85 Orchard St
Roasting Plant Coffee Company 81 Orchard st
Cafe Katja 79 Orchard st
By Robert James 72 Orchard St
The Great Frog 72 Orchard St
Wendy Mink Jewlery 72 Orchard St
Home Expresso Bar 250 Broome St
Incaze Handmade Jewelry  159a Ludlow St
Portia and Manny 151 Ludlow St
East Village Books 99 St. Marks Place
La Palapa, 77 St. Marks Place
Westville East, southwest corner of e. 11th St. & Ave A
Bad Burger, 171 Ave. A
HiFi Bar, 169 Ave. A
Tompkins Sq. Park Bagels, 165 Ave. A
Mamani Pizza, 151 Ave. A
Dlala Hair Salon, 149 Ave. A
Empanadas Bar, 438 e. 9th St.
Devarado Clothing, 436 3. 9th St.
Reason Outpost, 436 e. 9th St.
Mister Throwback Clothing, 428 e. 9th St.
Enchantments, 424 e. 9th St.
Exchange Alley Restaurant, 424 e. 9th St.
Good Beer Emporium, 422 e. 9th St.
Tsumiki Hair Salon, 408 e. 9th St.
Whitman’s Restaurant, 406 e. 9th St.
Flower Power Herbal Remedies, 406 e. 9th St.
Exit 9 Gift Emporium, 51 Avenue A
Downtown Yarns, 45 Avenue A
East Village Prescription Center, 41 Avenue A
Essex Card Shop, 39 Avenue A
Petopia, 29 Avenue A
Library Bar, 7 Avenue A
Commodities Natural Market, 165 First Avenue
Gizmo Sewing Supplies, 160 First Avenue
Village Postal, 151 First Avenue
The Bean Coffee Shop, 147 First Avenue
9th St. Haberdashery, 346 e. 9th St.
Change of Season Menswear, 341 E. 9th St.
Duo Vintage & Modern, 337 e. 9th St.
Gallery Vercon, 332 e. 9th St.
C’est Magnifique Jewelry, 328 e. 9th St. 
Fialka Boutique, 324 e. 9th St.
Sakaya Sake Shop, 324 e. 9th St.
Ame Ame Rainwear & Confections, 318 e. 9th St.
Pinkyotto, 307 e. 9th St.
Dinosaur Hill Toys, 306 e. 9th St.
Village Kids Shoes, 117 First Avenue
Donnybrook Pub, 35 Clinton St.
Rocksmith Clothing, 153 Stanton St.
Clinton Flower Shop, 153 Stanton St.
New York Studio Gallery, 154 Stanton St.
Paws & Whiskers Pet Shop, 156 Stanton St.

Halloween Too Map